Since 1983 ...

KAFCO - KITCHEN ALUMINUM FURNITURE COMPANY is a system of aluminum kitchen manufacturing, established during 1983 in all the states of Gulf and Middle East known by KIAL System.

KAFCO, Manufacturer of Aluminum Kitchens Furniture, exclusive agent for Kitchen and Accessories, Head office and Main Factory located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with offices and showroom branches in the entire Middle East and Gulf states.

KAFCO takes all the challenge of designing a kitchen with an endless amount of options to choose from. Now, winged globally with wide experienced and professional design specialties figuring logistics and suggest proper materials to make a functional, cost efficient, unique outlook to provide complete satisfaction to each and every one of our clients and we are proud of this accomplishment.

KAFCO is dedicated to being a leader in unique kitchen manufacturing to consistently exceeding client’s expectations with excellence in presentation, product and service, delivery and installations, and committed to developing and producing top quality kitchen products. Our core business is Manufacturing, Dealer and Direct Sales.

Our talented sales and design staff have a commitment to client needs and in building lasting relationship.

As we believe that our design innovative system solution brings an extra measure of performance and purpose to each of our clients, we’ve built a solid and successful reputation.

Today, the trademark of working with our design solution is personal service and experienced commitment. From dedicated management support to follow through with the fine details of procurement, delivery and installation, our staff has management and the details that keep every project on schedule.

Our Vision

To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. Every kitchen starts with a dream. Creating a new kitchen involves careful thought and dedication to consider all the wonderful choices that are available.

We are passionate about good design and will ensure your kitchen is beautiful, practical and a valuable asset to your home. At Kafco, our designers will work closely with you to understand exactly how you envision your dream kitchen and how you wish to use it. We will talk about your lifestyle and future needs including thoughtful consideration of what value this new kitchen will add to the property. And the vast experience of over 35 years of kitchen layout and product design enables us to interpret your likes (and dislikes) and guide you through the many choices available in our supply line.

Our Mission

To build long term relationships with our clients and offer exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Improve the quality of productivity by creating a culture of pride and teamwork driven by integrity and the commitment and desire to be the best.


Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets


Hotel Equipment’s & Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen

METOS - Made in Italy

Bar Counter and Service Food & Beverage

SIFA - Made in Italy

Dental Cabinet & Laboratories

FERLAIN – Made in France

Solid Surface Counters and Receptions

LG HI-MACS – Made in Korea

High End Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

SCAVOLINI - Made in Italy

Accessories and Kitchen Appliances

Multi European Designs Company

Refrigerator and Cooking Range Specialist



The KIAL system is the most modern with the latest technology concept developed for versatile usage in the most economical way. The high quality of the system can be noticed through invisible fasteners. The system can be supplied in various colors, various sizes to meet all requirements of customer. The above system is designed in user-friendly fashion leading the Aluminum Kitchen Industry into the 21st century.

Kafco has been making kitchens since 1983 and never stopped looking for innovative and advanced ways to improve the kitchen environment that make it more of a pleasure to live with. Every Kafco kitchen can truly be called a masterpiece, from its unique and distinctive design to the quality of workmanship that goes into every cabinet. Kafco has been in style and on trend since its beginning. With a vision and design approach unlike and other kitchen design companies.

When it comes to designing aluminum kitchens, our choices are limitless, from our own sectors simulating natural wood texture, to determine the texture and durability of the materials, here we offer you an almost infinite number of options and we promote and highlight the beauty of the interior environment of your kitchen. Kafco offers you a wide range of world-class kitchen appliances and accessories under one roof, fixtures to help you build the best space and more functional to work easily.

We have consistently focused upon providing products that are of new age designs and provide excellent functionality. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure which aids us in carrying out our productions and other processes effortlessly. Our standardized processes enable us in achieving maximum possible efficiencies and consistency. Our team of dynamic professionals work diligently towards the attainment of our organizational objectives. We lay immense emphasis on achieving customer satisfaction and take all possible measures towards the end.

With the production capacity of 450 kitchen cabinets per day with an increase to 550. Kafco factory is in high speed operation. There are 3 product categories including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes & vanities. We especially provide whole kitchen solution for homes. In recent years, our projects also involve schools, hospitals and other fields. From design, measurement, package, delivery, installation to warranty, Kafco will always satisfy you with a one-stop solution.


Local made with European high standard specifications and designs





Mixture of unique and unlimited colors

Full maintenance support located next to you

Availability of products for more than 20 years

High density of aluminum section

Highly environment – friendly products

15 Years - Warranty Period



Kafco aimes to make creating a kitchen a fun a one of a kind experience. We all agree that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house. Each & every member of the family should be able to enjoy it to the maximum!
We, at Kafco, ensures a smooth Kitchen Journey in order to grant full satisfaction to all our clients.


Each client has a unique vision & style for his dream kitchen. Some customers might know exactly what they are looking for. Others don't. This is why our website includes examples of completed kitchens where they can find inspiration.
Clients are also welcome to come visit our showrooms to get the necessary estimations.

Measurement & Planning

After the first meeting with the client, our designer will begin to develop his design idea taking into consideration the clients’ needs & desires, as well as the possibilities the space is offering. Home inspection will also precise other essential factors such as electricity, drainage & plumbing. We want to make the best out of the available space! Our kitchen will definitely look wonderful, but it will also be great to use.

Customised Design

A whole process is about to start. After setting the design, the customer and the designer will start the kitchen progression : they will choose together the layout, equipment, colors , materials and finishes. Variable details such as choosing the right accessories can make a big difference that directly affects the practicality of the kitchen, making it more efficient and functional. All along the design progression, our designer will be creating 3D drawings of the kitchen to implement all the changes for the client to review.

Ordering & Installation

Once each & every detail of the kitchen has been designed and agreed, all the specifications are sent to Kafco factory in Riyadh. The whole process is then closely monitored to guarantee absolute accuracy to the sumbitted plan. Following that, Kafco will then handle every aspect of the installation from design to final handover.

Our Service Promise

Kafco kitchens aim to provide the best support service to its customers. To facilitate this, every customer will receive a personalized service card, which redirects to the unique specs of his kitchen, in our database. Each & every Kafco client is entitled for a unique and long term service support.
It is also important to note that Kafco kitchens offer a limited warranty for 15 years against any manufaturing defects in the products.


We offer a limited warranty for 15 years against any manufacturing defects in the products.
Free of maintenance and service charge for 2 years.

This warranty includes repairing or replacing of our product without charges if it fails during the warranty period after installation completion, sole due to manufacturing defect.

This warranty is invalid for damages caused by physical abuse, for loss, and damage caused by use carelessness and damage of counter top due to excessive heat which is not due to the manufacturing defect and any consequential defects and else which are not due to manufacturing and apart from the manufacturer’s recommendation QUALITY